Our Vision

We shall take the lead in our areas of core competencies by providing high quality products and solutions, innovatively meeting the needs of our market and positively impacting the economy.


TWL assists in achievement of production efficiency by promoting products that support time-tested practice while incorporating emerging and innovative techniques in livestock farming and also by providing input for research into and diagnosis of diseases of economic, zootonic and public health importance.

  • our values
    1. Loyalty
    2. Responsibility
    3. Proficiency
    4. Quality and Novelty .

  • Corporate Objectives
    1. To engage in the manufacture, production and marketing of all kinds of animal health and nutrition products.

    2. To act as manufacturers’ representative of animal health products: pharmaceuticals, biologicals, diagnostic reagents, laboratory equipments and consumables .

    3. To carry on the business of consultancy services in the Agrovet sector.

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