Animal Health Products

  • Embazin-Forte

    Sulphaquinoxaline + Diaveridine + Vitamin K
    Fortified enhanced sulphonamide for management of coccidiosis and fowl cholera in poultry

  • Trypamidium Samorin

    Isometamidium Hydrochloride
    Trypanocidal powder for injection against trypanosomiasis at 0.5mg/kg body weight in cattle for curative, but 1.0mg/kg body weight at three months interval for prophylaxis of animal trypanosomiasis.

  • Vitawright

    • Concentrated association of essential vitamins and amino acids
    • Balanced formula meeting needs for growth and production
    • Increases body’s resistance to infectious agents
    • Promotes re-establishment of normal flora
    • Most potent anti-stress for convalescence, growth and flock uniformity
    • Particularly well adapted against vitamin deficiencies often observed in hot climates
    • Economical and cost effective

  • Embafax

    Oral, broad-spectrum anthelminthic activity – including nematode (GIT and lung), tapeworms and adult liverfluke.
    Applicable in mixed intestinal helmithosis, feedlot operation and pasture decontamination in ruminants because of its effect on adult larvae and eggs (ovicidal), and monogastric livestock.  

  • Levawright

    Levamisole 600mg
    Wide spectrum anthelminthic for treatment of gastro-intestinal and tissue nematode infestations (particularly, lungworms and microfilaria) of al animal species in the grazing season and feedlot operation for it stimulating action on immunity.
    Three days intermittent treatment at three days interval at 2.5mg/kg body weight seems to provide optimum response

  • Embaceryl

    Water soluble, Tylosin-based restorative and roborant.  
    A combination of antibiotics and multivitamins specifically for chronic respiratory disease (CRD) and associated disease complex.
    Synegistic and additive effect of combination of antibiotics find application in treatment of fowl cholera, Pullorum disease. Infectious coryza and invasive salmonellosis. Combination of vitamins with antibiotics serves as a powerful anti-stress, immunity enhancer and growt promoter. It promotes production of egg in layers.  

  • Frontline Spray

    Fipronil based Tick and Flea control
    Topical ectoparasiticide in small animal practice for control of fleas and ticks. A potent non-absorbable phenyl parazole. Long lasting efficacy

    • Dog, Fleas – frontline spray: up to three months
    • Dog, Ticks – frontline spray: one month
    • Cat, Fleas – frontline spray: up to two months

  • Ivomec Super

    Ivermectin + Clorsulon
    Broad spectrum endectocide and flukicide effective in control of strongyloides, visceral larval migrans and nasal bots. An endectocide in control of Mites and Lice; routinely used in grazing season and trek cattle or feedlot operations.