Animal Nutrition Products

  • Fylax Forte

    A Non-corrosive synergistic blend of organic acids and surfactants. Effectively eliminate moulds to guarantee the nutrient value and prolong the shelf life of raw materials and compound animal feed.

  • Heparenol

    With key active ingredients like sorbitol, acetylmethionine, chlorine chloride, betain and flavoured excipient containing medicinal plant extracts, Heparenol assists in improving and stimulating hepatic, biliary and intestinal function, thereby facilitating digestion and assimilation of nutrients as well as elimination of toxins during the periods of intensive production or diet change.

  • Selko PH

    Liquid synergistic blend of organic acids and surfactants used to acidify the digestive tract and render it inhabitable for pathogens especially E-coli and Salmonella sp.

  • Tox-O

    Potent mycotoxin binder (HSCAS) enhanced with B-glucan and Novasil Plus (The best aflatoxin binder in the world).

  • Fysal Dry

    Feed-grade synergistic blend of organic acids which serve the same purpose as Selko PH.

  • Fibosel

    Fibosel is a highly exposed β-glucan isolated from the cell wall of yeast which assists in boosting the immune system of pigs and fish by activating macrophages

  • Wrightmix