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Turner Wright Limited collaborates with Trouw Nutrition, the global leader in innovative feed specialties, premixes and nutritional services. We provide species-specific nutritional solutions consisting of feed concepts, products and nutritional know-how.
These unique combination of products, models and services help our customers to boost productivity and support animal health through all life stages, contributing to our customers’ peace of mind.


SELKO: A Trouw Nutrition Brand

Selko® Feed Additives

Selko® is the feed additives brand of Trouw Nutrition, a Nutreco company. Selko’s portfolio consists of natural feed additive solutions that add value to integrators, feed mills and farmers. Focus areas are salmonella control, feed safety, gut health in antibiotic-free production systems and trace mineral nutrition solutions.

Selko® solutions are offered as a complete package consisting of products, know-how and services. The Selko® brand encompasses blends of organic acids, organic minerals, betaine and mycotoxin binders.

Feed preservation and intestinal health are focus areas

In an era of increasing volatility in raw material prices and availability, one of the challenges facing the animal nutrition industry is the ability to secure sufficient good quality raw materials. Changing climate conditions impact on quality parameters like bacterial counts, yeast and mould prevalence. Demand for feed-to-food safety is also higher.

Adding effective additives to animal feed helps reduce harmful microorganisms and mycotoxins at various stages in the feed-to-food chain, leading to improved quality at feed mill and farm level, thereby supporting animal health and production.

Applying feed additives to animal feed supports its quality and can impact positively on gut integrity, thereby improving animal performance.

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