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Turner Wright Limited is a leading Nigerian company providing solutions in animal health, animal nutrition, hygiene, sample and assay technologies as well as laboratory consultancy and supplies.

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Our Products

  • Embafax

    Oral, broad-spectrum anthelminthic activity - including nematodes (GIT and lung), tapeworm and adult liverfluke.

  • Embaceryl

    Water soluble combination of Tylosin based antibiotic roborant Combination of antibiotics and multivitamines specifically for chronic respiratory disease (CRD) and associated respiratory

  • Embazin Forte

    Sulphaquinoxaline + Diaveridine + Vitamin K
    Fortified enhanced sulphonamide for management of coccidiosis and fowl cholera in chicken

  • Frontline spray

    Frontline Spray 
    Topical ectoparasiticide in small animal practice for control of fleas and ticks. A potent, non-absorbable phenyl parazole.

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